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10:26 pm - 07/28/2010

AKB48 "Heavy rotation" PV!

Finally the full PV's out!

WARNING: lots of fanservice, so don't watch it if your eyes can't take it. I'd say NSFW as well, although this makes it sound worse than it really is lol

I think it's the PV with the most fanservice I've ever seen, but at the same time, IT'S SO CHEERFUL COLOURFUL AND CUTE <333 I like it a lot :D

the obvious source XD;
EDIT PV was already removed, but here's a youku link thanks to xxxratedcunt:

EDIT2 reembedded. I wonder how long this one will last

EDIT3 that no one will read by now XD I just found out that the concept maker / director of the pv is uber famous woman photographer/director Ninagawa Mika (her blog entry about shooting the PV). She also shot Sakuran with Tsuchiya Anna, just for refernce. Also, the one who photographed Arashi for their last calendar (the one with the infamous lap dancer!Sho and Jun x Peacock shots, lol).
I should have known that was her style!
ulchick418 I Challenge Your Beyonce gif28th-Jul-2010 10:10 pm (UTC)

ROFL You're whole comment...

Just like everyone has said: They're IDOLS. No one takes them seriously music-wise.

Also, plz to be familiarizing yourself with that wonderful thing called CULTURAL DIFFERENCES. Just because you think they look "cheap", doesn't mean that they do in Japan. ex. A girl wearing a mini shirt with knee high boots there is considered "cute" where as where I'm from it may be called "slutty". Just how the society of that country views it.

That aside, you should know better, FELLOW JE FANGIRL.
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