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New Koda Kumi album? and UNIVERSE tour dvd announced

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Many online Japanese shops are listing a new album release for Koda Kumi on October 13th. There are rumours going around that it may turn out to be a cover album. Kumi's last studio album UNIVERSE was just released in February.

October 6th marks the release of KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2010 ~UNIVERSE~ concert dvd.

Scene 1
01 Step Into My World
03 BUT

Scene 2
04 Lick Me♥
06 恋のつぼみ
07 Stay

Scene 3
08 Got To Be Real - キューティーハニー - ECSTASY remix - Physical Thing
09 No Way

Scene 4
10 愛のうた
11 ふたりで・・・
12 You're So Beautiful

Scene 5
13 Can We Go Back
15 Work It Out!
16 走れ!
17 With your smile

01 Medley: Lady Go! - stay with me - Butterfly - LAST ANGEL - TABOO - girls - Good☆day
02 Comes Up
03 walk

Pretty good idea of what the tour tracklist will look like.

source: jpm

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more moments like this on the tour plz
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