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3:26 pm - 07/30/2011

Gravia idol Kumada Yoko to debut as a novelist

Gravure idol Kumada Yoko will debut as a novelist with a collection of short stories called, “Calorie Control”.

The novel is about the daily lives of four women – an office lady, a high school student, a university student, and a nurse – who are all taking on the challenges of dieting. It’s said to realistically depict the mental states of women in their teens and twenties as they find love stories, hold dreams for the future, and worry about school life and work.

Kumada commented with confidence, “I think every women will sympathize with this story.”

Retailing for 1,260 yen, the book will hit stores on July 30th.

xxxratedcunt 31st-Jul-2011 02:14 am (UTC)
I LOVE YOU, KUMADA! -fangirl scream-
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