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Who do fans want to win the 53rd Japan Record Awards?

Last month the nominations were revealed for the 53rd Japan Record Awards. Goo has polled its readers to find out which song they believe deserves the ‘Best Song’ award.


[Favorite Song From The Japan Record Awards Nominees]

1. Flying Get (AKB48) – 7045 votes

2. Warattetainda (Ikimonogakari) – 3230 votes

3. GO GO Summer! (KARA) – 2752 votes

4. Kono Yoru wo Tomete yo (JUJU) – 2231 votes

5. Soredemo Shinjiteru (FUNKY MONKEY BABYS) – 1827 votes

6. Why? (Keep Your Head Down) (Tohoshinki/TVXQ) – 1228 votes

7. Esperanza (Nishino Kana) – 1044 votes

8. CALL (AAA) – 555 votes

9. Jonetsu no Mariachi (Hikawa Kiyoshi) – 360 votes

10. Shounai Heiya Kaze no Naka (Mizumori Kaori) – 72 votes

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