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8:41 am - 12/16/2011

Koda Kumi confirms her pregnancy

Singer Koda Kumi has confirmed that she is pregnant with her first child!

Koda was rumored to be pregnant shortly after she revealed that she was getting married to BACK-ON vocalist and guitarist, KENJI03. She planned to make her official announcement after entering a more stable period of pregnancy, however, with all the confusion from the media, Koda decided to release the news today.

On her official website, Koda Kumi wrote:

Hello everyone!

I wanted to report this to my fans first, but I discussed it with my doctor and was told not to make an announcement just yet since I’m not in my stable period of pregnancy. This is why I wasn’t able to report it to everyone at that time.

After the reports came out, a lot of people became confused. That wasn’t my intention, and so I decided to make this announcement earlier than scheduled.

At this time, I have been gifted with a new life!

With this new life, I pray everyday that the three of us will enjoy life as a family.

I hope everyone will continue to watch over us with warm eyes.

As for the tour, I have my body to think about, so I am currently discussing it with my staff.

I should be able to make an announcement early next week, so I hope you will all wait for me.


Congratulations, Koda Kumi!


Also, can we not make fun of people who get shotgun weddings?
coika 16th-Dec-2011 11:53 pm (UTC)
Not really. Baby didn't ask to be made... TBH I don't think people should have kids unless they've really sat down and thought about it and can 100% say they're not doing it for some selfish reason. (i.e. I don't want to ruin my social standing, career, disappoint my parents, I need to have one before I'm too old, etc.)

I'd say a majority of parents nowadays aren't very invested in raising their child and it really shows. I say this only because I work with children on a daily basis and you can see it in their attitudes/behavior and how their parents deal with it.
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