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BREAKERZ' AKIHIDE, to publish an illustrated storybook: "Aru Hi, Kokoro Ga Kakemashita" (One Day, I

Aru Hi, Kokoro Ga Kakemashita - Satō Akihide (BREAKERZ/AKIHIDE)

Satō Akihide's (AKIHIDE/BREAKERZ) first publication is now complete.

Inheriting the fairy-tale atmosphere of MOON SIDE THEATER, Aru Hi, Kokoro Ga Kakemashita employs warm visuals and a story that can only captured through the story-telling of books.

We encounter many things every day, and occasionally we get our hearts wounded, chipped.
What lies ahead waiting?
Aru Hi, Kokoro Ga Kakemashita shows us a bit of an answer.
The book is scheduled to be released on February 8, 2012 (Wednesday).

Amazon Japan (Accepting orders from January 13, 2012)

Details from Musing:

Aru Hi, Kokoro ga Kakemashita
Satō Akihide

Name Aru Hi, Kokoro ga Kakemashita
Artist Satō Akihide
Size ■Hard Cover
■28 pages
■With URL/QR Code
Download the image song 「Heart ~Dokusō~」for free.
[Shipping Details]
Orders will be shipped starting February 8, 2012.
Price ¥1,260(tax in)
Size 138mm×168mm×8mm

*Amazon Japan can be viewed in English. If you would like to order from Musing but have trouble with Japanese, contact BRZFan's admin, Calcifer, for instructions.
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Sources: BRZ HP, Musing
Translation: BRZFan
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