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12:38 am - 02/12/2012

The Perfect Aniki will have more means to drain your $$ (a.k.a new single)

It’s been revealed that GACKT will be releasing his new single, “UNTIL THE LAST DAY“, on February 22nd!

“UNTIL THE LAST DAY” is the theme song for the CG anime film, “Dragon Age -Blood Mage no Seisen-“. The film is based on the popular RPG game, “Dragon Age: Origins“, and is directed by Sori Fumihiko. GACKT, Kuriyama Chiaki, and Tanihara Shosuke provided their voices for the characters in the film.

“UNTIL THE LAST DAY” is described as a strong number that contains the film’s worldviews. The single will be available in two different versions: CD+DVD and CD-only.

When you purchase both versions, you can enter to receive a special DVD containing exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. Additionally, 50 lucky people will get the chance to win GACKT’s deluxe portrait in a frame.

Check out the cover jackets and track list below!







Source: Tokyohive + Natalie

The amount of photoshop on the cover is kinda ridiculous lol. And I prefer the CD only cover :P

pyroyale 11th-Feb-2012 05:44 pm (UTC)

This PV needs to come out like NOW.
chimerari 11th-Feb-2012 05:46 pm (UTC)
he's wearing what, a pencil skirt with the armour?
a_cheshire_grin 11th-Feb-2012 05:45 pm (UTC)
Some people should be NEVER allowed to work with "Topaz Clean"! -.-''

flipangel_88 11th-Feb-2012 10:17 pm (UTC)
I'm LOLing at the comments but sadly I don't get your comment :(

Topaz clean?
chimerari 11th-Feb-2012 05:45 pm (UTC)
Is there a single part of his face that's not being photoshopped in this pic? oh well, not as if he's aiming for the natural look
mercurypink 11th-Feb-2012 05:46 pm (UTC)
This is going to be a fucking awesome concept! I hope he wears the full get-up if he performs the song live.
pyroyale 11th-Feb-2012 05:56 pm (UTC)
He can be his own percussion section thanks to all the banging and clanging that armour usually makes XD
thenylonkid 11th-Feb-2012 05:58 pm (UTC)
well they are obviously trying to make him look like a cg character on the covers...
j_o_n_n_o 11th-Feb-2012 06:08 pm (UTC)
Additionally, 50 lucky people will get the chance to win GACKT’s deluxe portrait in a frame

lol with his current sales, if you buy it you're guaranteed.
ohprecioustime 11th-Feb-2012 06:16 pm (UTC)
kira_nari 11th-Feb-2012 06:11 pm (UTC)
Never really liked the covers, but the song preview sounds amazing as usual so strange leather baseball glove-looking thing and metal armor is invalid
mun_chairudo 11th-Feb-2012 06:16 pm (UTC)

Sounds good.
brucelynn 11th-Feb-2012 06:32 pm (UTC)
Chacha looks so cute in your icon

I have that gif somewhere lmao
ohprecioustime 11th-Feb-2012 06:17 pm (UTC)
get those 2k sales Gackt!

his face dear lord,he should stop with the botox tbh
brucelynn 11th-Feb-2012 06:23 pm (UTC)
l_no_sekai 11th-Feb-2012 06:24 pm (UTC)
Idc how much he was photoshopped ~
the covers are just great, the concept is awesome
mjspice 12th-Feb-2012 12:12 pm (UTC)
Ilu. :D
brucelynn 11th-Feb-2012 06:25 pm (UTC)
Look @ that sexy man GODDAMN

yasmine2009 12th-Feb-2012 12:23 am (UTC)
That gif!! LOL
gabbyrockzz 11th-Feb-2012 06:52 pm (UTC)
GACKT looks sooo Young and SEXXYYY!!!!
omg_its_gackt 11th-Feb-2012 07:09 pm (UTC)
The amount of photoshop on the cover is kinda ridiculous lol. And I prefer the CD only cover :P

They always overphotoshop him xD idk why, he looks fine in person.
Anyway, always excited to spend my money on Gackt~
kamui_atsuko 11th-Feb-2012 07:11 pm (UTC)
Pre-ordered (CD+DVD version). Excited for the poster that comes with it. =D

And just as a reminder...

katzsong 11th-Feb-2012 07:18 pm (UTC)
awww...Gackt is an adorable troll XD
omgakuto 11th-Feb-2012 09:16 pm (UTC)
So finally I can call him my knight in a shining armour? y/y :B
Oy, someone bring GRAFFITI horse!! lol

Can't wait to listen to the new single ♥
abusedpancake 11th-Feb-2012 09:56 pm (UTC)
why is that blood so fake looking?
i like the cover for the CD-Only version more than the other one..
i like the crazy look of his, ahahaha
xvic3 12th-Feb-2012 12:06 am (UTC)
Can't wait to hear it, and I think I like the CD+DVD cover the best. :)
yasmine2009 12th-Feb-2012 12:24 am (UTC)
For the haters in this post:

mjspice 12th-Feb-2012 12:13 pm (UTC)
wanyii 12th-Feb-2012 03:01 am (UTC)
looking forward to hearing the new single! :)
i prefer the cd only cover though x3
mjspice 12th-Feb-2012 12:17 pm (UTC)
The best artist on arama to beat the 48, kumi etc. Haters can gtfo.
my_name_is_yumi 12th-Feb-2012 02:49 pm (UTC)
I am I wrong for totally wanting to date him? *_*
mjspice 12th-Feb-2012 08:48 pm (UTC)
Nope. You're not the only one. XD
phililen3 13th-Feb-2012 11:03 am (UTC)
"The amount of photoshop on the cover is kinda ridiculous lol."
What I was going to say.... I love master when he is closer to his natural perfection.
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