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2:36 pm - 02/28/2012

Yamapi apologises to fans, NEWS fans still hate him

Johnny’s talent Tomohisa Yamashita talked to his fans about leaving NEWS, reports Infoseek.

While shooting a TV appearance on music show “HEY! HEY! HEY!” on February 19, Yamashita shared his thoughts with the fans in the studio.

“It’s my first time after leaving NEWS so I am nervous, but I also really feel that safety the members gave me when they were with me.”

It has been reported Yamashita continued to explain the situation to his fans.

“I’m sorry. I know there might be fans who I’ve hurt but we didn’t separate as the result of a fight. We decided to grow in our own way so please don’t cry.”

Finally, the Johnny’s star said he was optimistic about the future of both parties, commenting, “I want to work towards a brighter and fun future with all of you, and those guys, and to do that I want to put everything I have into polishing up my skills, and continue to put smiles on your faces. I hope that you’ll come with me.”

It has been reported a number of fans in the crowd started crying. After the shoot, Yamashita came down and shook hands with every fan as they left. Some fans commented with, “I’ll always be his fan” and “I will support him”.

However, Cyzowoman reports a lot of fans were still unsatisfied. Some comments included:

“Didn’t he leave them? Get your act together. You wanted to do something right. Do you know how much you hurt the members and the fans? I wish he wouldn’t say stuff like this now.”

“Honestly, why now?? Just when things had settled down and NEWS were about to make a new start, why did he want to bring the topic back up?”

“Cruel! The four of them are working hard together so stop talking about NEWS!!”

The sad thing is that anything Yamapi says or does now comes out as negative to some fans. It may be an indication as to how difficult it will be for him to win back their trust...

source: momoedgewood
wayof_life 29th-Feb-2012 01:19 pm (UTC)
Pi was the official leader of NEWS (introduced so on some music+talk show when they debuted). It was said that he never wanted to be in a group and thus has never acted like a leader to the group, nor was he particularly close to his group members. Regardless him ever did anything like a leader, he was still the leader, officially (though not de facto)

At the start when the news broke out, it appears that Ryo is more apologetic than Pi, from his words. Pi was pretty "I don't care" kind of attitude, which pissed people off (I'm assuming that's why people are more edgy when it comes to Pi over Ryo). If he really wanted to apologise, he could have done so via other means, it doesn't necessarily has to be on a music show etc, since it won't be televised anyway (and he's still going to get painted badly by sports news etc, sigh)

As for Ryo, he has been more involved in K8 anyway, seeing how NEWS was pretty much on hiatus most of the time, and hence people naturally accepted him being in K8 only. It's Pi's initial attitude that made people angry at him more than Ryo. And also that he had always been pushing his own solo works, without making time out for NEWS's stuff, making his solo a higher priority when he is "obviously" in a group and solo is like a "sideline job", loosely said.

And I'm not a NEWS fan >_> I don't really care about Pi anyway (nor Ryo), never on my list of J&A favorites. It's pretty obvious we are just speculating/discussing the reasons why people will hate/not forgive Pi. You're throwing your butthurt feelings at the wrong parties here. (And I'm very sure those I-hate-Pi-so-much-because-he-quit-NEWS fans are generally not commenting on this post because they have already foamed in angry or whatever)
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