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3:50 am - 03/01/2012

Kago Ai reveals her 6 month pregnant look!

Talento Kago Ai recently revealed through her official blog that she is visiting the Southern Country with musician NAOMI.

She wrote, “Just as I thought, the South is warm~. I got to do a little bit of yoga while listening to my favorite music. relax~ relax~”

Kago, who is currently 6-months pregnant, also shared a photo of herself. In the photo, Kago poses in the mirror for fans to get a good look at her pregnant stomach.

“I’ve grown so much that everyone asks me, ‘Are you 8-months?‘” she said. “But somehow, to see my stomach getting bigger is a strange feeling to me. Above anything, I’m happy.”


Beautiful <3
go_chan2011 2nd-Mar-2012 04:20 pm (UTC)
Woman in my family except one or two didn´t get fat during pregancy either, but this girl looked really thin and considering her mind state was weird tho that´s why I thought she might not being eating well,

postpartum depression would be really bad, I really hope that kid ends ok tbh~ I once studied in psycology how pple can be affected all their lives by their moms rejection during the first days of born (and after too of course)

Hope she does fine too^^
nova_usagi 2nd-Mar-2012 04:36 pm (UTC)
Here`s hoping for the best, right.
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