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When racism doesn't cut it guessed it: a Jin post

The brilliant songwriter and all-around nice guy, Jin Akanishi is about to launch his new album, Japonicana. Some netizens have already gotten their hands on a digital copy and thus on the lyrics of his songs. One in particular is very interesting:

That's what she said - lyrics
edit: Please note that the lyrics can be triggering for people who have experienced sexual violation in any way. Also note that due to the heated discussions a lot of the comments will be triggering as well and none carry warning labels.
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for a preview of the song:
lyrics transcription: me, myself and I
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March 4 2012, 12:50:00 UTC 2 years ago

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How does shit like this even get approved and recorded? And even ignoring the lyrics, because i've heard worse lbr, the song is shit musically. Wtf are you even trying to do Jin? He is crashing and burning spectacularly.


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