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The popular Johnny's Entertainment internet blogger, Kamichan, is set to release his book about the the Johnny's Entertainment fandom very soon.

In a angry blog post on March 17th, Kamichan claims he will be writing a book about his experiences the JE fandom in response to his treatment as a male in a dominantly female fandom, specifically surrounding "the unlikely trials and tribulations of one man’s fantastic voyage into the female-dominated fandom-world of Japanese teenboy idols". The sudden announcement came when Kamichan's private information was suddenly posted on a internet meme., which boasts almost 5 million hits, has not been without some controversy involving alleged pedophillic tendencies exhibited on the website. Kamichan, a German man allegedly in his late 30s who is openly gay, hosts the site where one may find pornographic stories of several underage idols, including those from Hey!Say! JUMP, and has stated "being a pedophile technically isn’t a crime. Molesting/abusing/raping a chld is, but just fantasizing about it isn’t."

The release date has yet to be announced.

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