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9:31 am - 03/27/2012

Oguri Shun promises to be a “devoted husband”

On March 26th, actor Oguri Shun flew into Haneda Airport after filming for his movie ‘Yang Guifei‘ in China.

As it was his first appearance since getting married to Yamada Yu on March 14th, reporters were anxious to get a few words from the actor himself.

Oguri appeared in a white v-neck shirt, sunglasses, and a jacket. Reporters approached him saying “Congratulations“, and he simply replied, “Yes, thank you very much.

Although Oguri appeared tired after coming back from filming for ‘Yang Guifei’, reporters continued to throw questions at him: “Are you planning on celebrating tonight?“, they asked. He blushed as he answered, “I don’t know.

Oguri was also asked to say a few words to his fans, to which he responded with, “Please continue to support me from here on.

When Yamada held a press conference by herself on the 14th, she commented on Oguri’s cheating incident saying, “If it happens again, I’ll choke him.” After, he was asked, ”Is everything okay now?“, Oguri assured, “Yes, everything is fine,” and promised that he would be a “devoted husband”.

Oguri is scheduled to attend the premiere event for his movie, ‘Uchuu Kyodai’, on March 28th. He is expected to report the marriage to his fans at this event.

Source & Photos: Sanspo & tokyohive

miiss_hachiiko 27th-Mar-2012 06:12 pm (UTC)
I already said this on TokyoHive, but I'll say it again.

If Shun cheats on Yuu again, she should just call up MatsuJun and Toma to come over and hit him for doing that. =D
nami 27th-Mar-2012 06:42 pm (UTC)
Um lol why matsujun and toma? Am I missing sth? :D
mellastella 27th-Mar-2012 06:59 pm (UTC)
OguShun is very close with MatsuJun and Toma-kun. You can almost call them best friends. That's why miiss_hachiiko said that.
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