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~King of Jpop returns to his throne~

Ken Hirai's new drama tie-in single “告白” and PV collection 「KEN HIRAI Films Vol.12」 are set to be released 23/5. The single will be released in 2 editions, regular and special, with the b-side "Woman “Wの悲劇”より" on both and an instrumental + remixes of いとしき日々よ and お願いジュリー★ on special. The PV collection features all his PVs from kimi.wa.suteki to いとしき日々よ.
“告白” is produced by Seiji Kameda and will be used as the intro to テレビ朝日系's drama『Wの悲劇』 which begins airing 26/4.

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will ur faves look that naturally good at 40? oop no.
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