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Adult Swim: We're Listening

The possible revivial of Toonami continues with Adult Swim addressing the issue on their Sunday block.

Continuing from their Twitter response a few days ago, Adult Swim reaffirmed their quote, via broadcast during their Sunday block tonight. Besides the response, they also showed some replies to their earlier tweet of the possibility of bringing the Toonami block back, and how well it trended on Twitter itself.

Additionally, though unconfirmed fully, it's been rumored if Toonami does return, it will reair during Saturday night and will start again April 21st. However, I repeat again this should only looked on as a rumor until fully confirmed. As the voice of Tom the robot, Steve Blum put it best:

Patience, my friends. I have no info for you, but these things take time. Keep the faith. I will too.

This reporter will continue to update this story as it continues to develop.


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