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6:33 pm - 04/11/2012

Update on Necomimi: Moving Cat Ears to Be Sold in Japan This Month, International Release to Follow

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The Japanese project Neurowear announced that it will begin selling the consumer version of its Necomimi (a stylized romanization of the Japanese term for "cat ears") headbands at the Nico Nico Choukaigi event, which will be held in Chiba Prefecture's Makuhari Messe event center on April 28 and 29. Neurowear will offer the moving headbands at the special event price of 7,900 yen (about US$97), before the regular retail release at 8,980 yen (about US$111). The company also revealed last month that a North American version has been completed.

Rather than a standard headband with cat ears on it, Neurowear claims that Necomimi detects the brainwaves emitted by the wearer and moves the ears accordingly — twitching, folding down, or perking back up. NeuroSky, the company that developed the cat ears' brainwave technology, will demonstrate Necomimi at the United Kingdom's Gadget Show Live event, which will take place at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England from April 11 to 15. The American news magazine Time named the "smart cat ears" as one of the best 50 inventions of 2011.

Last year, Neurowear posted videos of the Japanese pop singer Miu Sakamoto and the musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, her father, demonstrating the cat ears. The Necomimi ears were also on sale in the dealer's room at Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington last weekend.


Sources: ANN & Rocket News
mjspice 12th-Apr-2012 01:47 am (UTC)
squallina 12th-Apr-2012 02:21 am (UTC)

Kurama is beyond awesomely flawless! <3
Though I do like the whole team dynamic.

mjspice 12th-Apr-2012 02:55 am (UTC)
The whole show was damn fabulous! I miss watching it.
squallina 12th-Apr-2012 03:44 am (UTC)
Which is why i own the Blu Ray remastered sets. XD Still waiting for the perfect time to watch them. Think I will after I've finished Sailor Moon Sailor Stars and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. After those two, I'll have a YuYu-thon, finish rewatching all the anime I currently have in my possession, then it's back to my Gundam quest!
mjspice 13th-Apr-2012 08:28 am (UTC)
ANOTHER YUYU HAKUSHO FAN! *shakes hand vigorously*
squallina 13th-Apr-2012 08:31 am (UTC)
Not mine. So it won't bother me. :)

Welcome to the club! *shakes hand too*
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