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The new Sadako reveals her face

On May 11th, distributor Kadokawa Pictures has finally revealed the actress who will be playing the Japanese horror icon Sadako in the upcoming movie ‘Sadako 3D‘.

At a special advanced screening in April, a selected audience was already able to see the majority of the movie, except for the last 12 minutes that revealed the face of Sadako. After the screening, Sadako herself made a surprise appearance at the stage greeting and went to throw the opening pitch of a baseball game a few days later.

Many people became curious about which actress is hiding behind the long black hair and today it was revealed that it’s no other than young actress Hashimoto Ai who has been playing Sadako all this time. Hashimoto received many positive criticism after her performance in Nagashima Tetsuya’s award-winning movie ‘Kokuhaku‘ (English title: ‘Confessions’) and was picked for the much-discussed role in ‘Sadako 3D’. She is following in the steps of many great actresses such as Kimura Tae and Nakama Yukie by portraying this popular horror icon

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Source: eiga.com and tokyohive

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