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On May 24th, Tamori was chosen to host Fuji TV’s annual summer program, ‘FNS 27-Hour TV‘, and attended a production announcement event at Shinjuku Studio Alta.

The show is in their 26th year, and they will collaborate with the variety program, ‘Waratte Iitomo!‘, which celebrates their 30th anniversary this October. 25 of the show’s regulars will help heat up the show.

Tamori has hosted ‘27-Hour TV’ 3 consecutive times when it first started back in 1987. He’s been called back to host the show for the first time in 23 years.

SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro commented, “He’s the oldest person to host.” In response, Tamori said, “These past few years, I’ve never stayed up all night. I’m uneasy, but I just have to do it.”

Moved by Tamori’s will to stay up all night for the show, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi declared, “I want to repay Tamori-san,” and announced that he would be challenging the 100 km marathon. When Katori Shingo asked, “Have you ever ran a 100 km marathon?“, Kusanagi replied, “Just 10 km.”

This year’s ‘FNS 27-Hour TV’ will air from July 21st at 6:30 pm to the 22nd at 8:54 pm.

Sources: Tokyohive & Sanspo
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