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Kyary fans worldwide will be stoked to hear that their dolly princess is planning an international tour, according to the official facebook page.

Before the launch of her musical career, the 19-year old sweetheart started out as a fashion blogger. appeared as a model on the cover of numerous Harajuku fashion magazines. In July 2011, she released her first single “PONPONPON“, whose music video went viral once it was uploaded to Youtube. In just under a year, Kyary went on to release three more singles, a debut mini-album “Moshi Moshi Harajuku” and a full-fledged album “Pamyu Pamyu Revolution“. She also collaborated with Uniqlo sister chain g.u. for her latest single, ”Fashion Monster“.

Slated for Febuary to April 2013, the Kawaii Harajuku Ambassador’s tour is set to take her to 10 countries, with France and Belgium being the first two destinations announced. The remaining 8 will remain a mystery as yet, with updates to be posted on the go at her official website.

source, Japanese source

would you go to a Kyary concert if she came to your city?
idc for her but I would go ~
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