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On November 7, talento Yaguchi Mari (29) and actor Nakamura Masaya (26) attended a presentation event for ‘The First Nestle Brite Hottest Couple‘.

This marked the couple’s first public appearance together since their wedding ceremony back in May. During the event, Yaguchi rated her husband Nakamura “95 points,” and said, “I tell him to surpass me before he turns 30 years old.

Upon hearing this, Nakamura responded, “In order to reverse things, so that she will be called ‘Nakamura’s wife’, I will do my best by borrowing Mari’s name for another 5 years.

Yaguchi expressed, “It was my dream to win an award like this together, so I’m happy!” She also shared that they talk about each other’s days when they get home from work. Nakamura, who carried Yaguchi in his arms during the photo shoot, was asked about today’s performance. “I’ll praise her,” he said with a smile.

The couple revealed that they aren’t planning on having kids just yet. “We want to give priority to our work, and we still want time together.


Source & Photos: Oricon & tokyohive

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