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Softbank CEO embroiled in Twitter war after donating $500,000 to Hurricane Sandy relief


Last week mobile phone mogul Masayoshi Son, who has a history of large donations, offered $500,000 through Softbank to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy in North America and then tweeted about it. This act of philanthropy irked a Twitter user by the name of o44o.

Feeling that this was an act of blatant advertising through the use of a good deed, he decided to voice his opinion to Son.

Around midday on Nov 3, Son tweeted: “I would like to express sympathy for all the victims of the Hurricane Sandy disaster in North America. Softbank will donate $500,000 to the American Red Cross.”

About a day later, o44o responded saying: “Donations are usually done with good intentions. Announcing it is stupid as if you’re the only one in the world doing it. This donation is just commercial crap!”

Soon after, Son replied: “I’m just posting the various thoughts I have, but from now on I should probably refrain…”

o44o continued: “Various thoughts eh? LOL I know what’s going on. You’re trying to buy your way into the hearts and markets of America. LOL”

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