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Former Morning Musume Maki Goto has shocked her many fans with the news that she has accepted a million dollars to appear in 2 hardcore porn movies.

The 27-year-old ex-Morning Musume has signed to appear in 2 pornographic movies, having been paid 80,000,000 yen for the appearances, according to reports from rag Weekly Jitsuwa

Whilst Maki Goto’s previous included plenty of gravure, she has not so much as given a “hair nude” so far:

Netizens react

“10 years too late!”
“15 years too late.”
“What the hell is she doing appearing in an AV? She’d be better off doing a nude photo album.”
“She was a top idol, what happened to cause her to resort to this?”
“Seems a bit cheap really.”
“Definitely cheap, she is soiled for life after this.”
“She may want to continue her career as a soiled character though.”
“Hoping to see her in some SM action.”
“Fake breasts don’t sell!”
“She looked amazing at her mother’s funeral:” (

“She looks ridiculously sexy there!”
“Why is mourning dress so hot…”
“She’s past it!”
“If her little brother is in it with her then I’ll buy it!” [Her little brother has apparently appeared in AV]
“I’d pay ¥30,000 for one with her little brother.”
“I’d rent it just to see what her tattoos are like.”
“She had so many dedicated fans too…”
“How far she has fallen!”
“Lots of fans are going to be weeping as they onanise over this. Me included.”

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