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Press conference for the musical “L’Opera Rock MOZART” was held on November 7th introducing the main cast and director Philip William McKinley.

The musical was first performed in Paris in 2009, and this time, in the new Japanese production, two lead actors Yamamoto Koji and Nakagawa Akinori will take turn playing both roles of Mozart and Salieri.

Akimoto Sayaka has been chosen to play the role of Mozart’s wife Constanze. She said, “I’m so happy to have a chance to play a strong woman who loved Mozart purely and kept on supporting him through his lifetime. I still haven’t had much acting experience. Until now, I’ve played the role of a girl falling in love, but this is the first time I play the role of a wife. I want to figure out what leads a girl to make up her mind and decide to spend the rest of her life being with another man.”

Broadway stage director Philip Wm. McKinley is the creative force behind Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark presently running on Broadway at the Foxwoods Theater. He also directed Hugh Jackman’s five-time TONY-nominated Broadway musical “The Boy from Oz.” About Sayaka, he said, “This young lady who is next to me, Sayaka-san, whose talent is just as wonderful and beautiful as she is. And I’m thrilled to have her as part of the company. What I also love about her is she’s so tall.”

About the production, he said, “I described to all the actors that we’re doing Mozart the way Lady Gaga would do Mozart. It’s very aggressive. It’s more like a rock show than a musical."

Clip of the press conference.

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Hope they release DVD for this one. They won’t release DVD for Sayaka’s previous “Roman Holiday” already… Orz
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