Arama They Didn't

bridgetothesky 11th-Nov-2012 01:33 am (UTC)
its a publicity stunt to help their promotion of the movie (although im surprised a johnnys would go as far as this just for promotion).. if they take the rumor as far as to put it on a variety with ppl actually voting, it definetely has some kind of ok stamped by the agency. no variety would do something as taboo as pushing rumor regarding johnnys with no approval.. (i actually feel sorry for the show who has to put up n act the whole thing out lol.)

but even if it is true, i wouldnt be tooo surprised. anne is a nice humble girl and really fits kame's criteria veryveryy well. and a big plus that she likes his beloved kyojin. haha but i dont think flaunting or even mentioning the name of the girl he is dating is kame's style lol.. nor most johnnys style for that matter

its fake, but if i would be okay if it is true (shes probably better then any girl hes actually dated). feel like she could keep him grounded n a good person lol
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