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V6‘s Junichi Okada was a dashing highway action star in his upcoming movie “Library War” (Toshokan Senso) where production press conference was recently held. Based from Hiro Arikawa‘s popular novel of the same title, the movie depicts the fictional battle when freedom of expression was lifted in year 2019 and books became a source of unfair censorship.

5,000 gunshots were fired for the movie’s firefight (gun fighting) scenes, though only half of the movie has action scenes, most of which involves firefighting. A shopping center in Joso, Ibaraki was closed to film the firefight scene where they have to scatter 40,000 books and magazines to give library war a realistic feel. With windows closed, Okada went on to face a 9mm machine gun as dust covered the area.

Okada is also confident in doing his action scenes, he trained 5-6 days/week doing Shooto, Jeet Kun Do, and Kali with a Filipino martial-arts expert. “Action is one of the weapons of an actor. I trained myself well so I’m confident that I can do more of this in the future,” Okada shared.

Although Okada enjoys his character as the demon-instructor Doujou Atsushi of the Library Defense Force, he can’t help but feel guilty  in a scene where he has to slapped Kasahara Iku (Eikura Nana) that made her cry. “I was never hit even by my parents,” Eikura shared.

Joining Okada in the movie, are: Eikura Nana, Kuriyama Chiaki, Tanaka Kei, Fukushi Sota and Ishizaka Kouji.

Directed by Shinsuke Sato, “Library Wars” will hit the theaters on Apr 27, 2013.

Nikkan Sports and Sanspo via jenewsdaily

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