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yuuki_saya 13th-Nov-2012 06:47 am (UTC)
So if they are so special to Johnny, they abused his trust?

I don't like this - after whole mess, chaos and scandal now we have the campaign "bring Akanishi back"? Let's show we love him? He needed some time to think? Now he learned to be responsible, so he's trustworthy? No matter that this scandal affected so many people - KAT-TUN, Taichi-kun for example. That Johnnys were banned from even drinking with friends and management has to think about "who shouldn't be invited to event because of blacklist"? No matter, that some boys made just one minor mistake of drinking or smoking underage and it broke their careers? Because they weren't favourite enough?

I love him, but he creates so many different feelings in me, that I prefer him working hard to gain back my trust. Johnny's words aren't enough.
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