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6:08 pm - 11/12/2012

It is not known but Meisa is like a "daughter" to Johnny Kitagawa


At the press conference on Oct 27 to launch the "Johnny World" stage show commemorating his Guiness Word record, Johnny Kitagawa commented about Jin for the first time since the birth of his baby.  The media felt that Johnny's feeling for Jin and Meisa is rather complicated.

The media asked Johnny when will Jin return to work.  Johnny did not give a specific time to when Jin will come back.  Instead he said: "Jin is a father now.  I want them to be responsible in taking care of this child.  I want to cooperate with them.  He has to take care of his family first before he can return to work".

Johnny is giving his blessings to Jin and Meisa by declaring he was never against Jin and Meisa's marriage.  Publicly, he appeared stern and harsh to Jin's shotgun marriage but in private Johnny is backing them up with his support. (entertainment relationship expert).

Although not very well known,  Jin is Johnny's favorite and Meisa is also his "special favorite".  Meisa came to Tokyo from Okinawa in her teens to work.  Johnny has put her in many dramas starring Johnny's talents.  Johnny's always supporting her both in public and private.

Speaking of Johnny's and Sweet Power, the dating rumor of Noriyuki Higashiyama  and Rina Uchiyama was most famous.  Even though they had broken up but the friendly relationship between Johnny's and Sweet Power still remained today.   So it is not surprising that Meisa is  like Johnny's "special daughter".

Johnny felt betrayed when Jin and Meisa got married without informing him.  But Johnny also has a complicated relationship with both of them.  Sorta like a "son and daughter" relationship. 

Source: cyzowoman translated by ME

I was asked to translate this article a couple weeks ago but I was reluctant to do so because I really don't like that old man Johnny here it is and again, sorry for any mistakes.
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*prays for the rest of JE (who are old AND wise enough) to get married too*
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