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No matter what country you call home, there are always moments when you feel like a true citizen. 

What about Japan? What makes Japanese citizens feel distinctly Japanese? My Navi News asked 1,000 of their members to tell them about a moment when they felt Japanese. Here are the results of their survey:

During a Trip

—I can never sleep on hotel beds, but I fall fast asleep on tatami and a futon. (Male, 31)
—When I stay at a hotel, I mostly have rice and miso soup for breakfast…I must be Japanese. (Female, 29)
—When I’m using an onsen. (Male, 28)
—When I wait in line without complaining. (Female, 31)

Whether you stay at a domestic hotel or Japanese-style inn, there are many moments when you feel Japanese, especially for those who crave miso soup in the mornings.

At Meal Time

—When I’m eating Tamago-kake-gohan (Rice with a raw egg on top). (Male, 53)

—When I put natto on top of rice. (Female, 24)

—When I settle down with a bowl of chazuke (rice with green tea poured on top). (Male, 45)

—When I’m drinking hot Japanese sake. (Male, 24)

Tamago-kake-gohan and Chazuke are exceptionally Japanese dishes. There are also times when the food you normally eat very casually turns out to be a food characteristic to Japan. It’s safe to say that there’s a lot of delicious food and alcohol that is native to Japan.

During an Event

—When I’m enjoying cherry blossom viewing with everyone. (Female, 23)

—When I eat mochi on New Year’s Day. (Female, 24)

—When I get excited when Japan wins a medal during the Olympics or when there is a Japanese Nobel Prize winner. (Female, 30)

In Daily Life

—When I get annoyed when the train doesn’t come exactly on time. (Female, 27)
—When I get into the tub and sigh, “Ah.” (Male, 53)
—The joy of drinking water right out of the faucet. (Female, 39)
—When I buy pasta from the convenience store and the cashier asks me, “Would you like a fork or chopsticks?” I always answer, “Chopsticks.” (Female, 31)
—When I get upset when a toilet doesn’t have a bidet function. (Female, 23)


—Even if I’m dealing with a difficult or unreasonable situation, I never show my true colors and keep my feelings to myself.  (Female, 24)
—When I get irritated with people who are unable to read a situation or pick up on the mood of a conversation. (Female, 30)
—When I say words such as “yoroshiku onegai shimasu,” “Otsukare sama,” and “Okagesamade.” (Female, 23)
—When I bow while using the phone. (Male, 25)


—When I think Shiba Inu dogs are the cutest (Female, 35)

What about you?  What makes you feel like a citizen of your country? 

Source: NicoNicoNews


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