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Shoujo Jidai's sixth single, "FLOWER POWER," was already available for digital release through iTunes Japan on November 14th even though it is actually scheduled for a November 21st physical CD release. In addition to “FLOWER POWER”, Girls’ Generation’s sixth single will also feature a track titled “Beep Beep”, as well as a “digest medley” of songs from Girls’ Generation’s second Japanese album. The second Japanese album will not contain “Beep Beep”, and the track will only be available on the “FLOWER POWER” single.

• Tracklist:

Music Video 
Music Video Dance Version 

02. Beep Beep

03. Girls’ Generation II Smash Up

Preview for "Girls’ Generation II ~Girls & Peace~" Album Tracks:
0:08 T.O.P
0:29 I'm A Diamond
1:01 Reflection
1:30 Animal
2:43 Girls & Peace

source: iTunes Japan, SMTOWN@yt, GGFLOWERPOWER@yt
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