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chizzyrei 17th-Nov-2012 03:43 am (UTC)
I understand that. If both 3 (HSJ, NYC, Yamada) gets pushed all at the same time, sooner or later he won't make it and he'll need to choose. (although for KT's case, they never waited for Jin)

However, it will only be the case if Yamada's solo music career becomes a priority alongside HSJ. But seeing that HSJ gets tagged along his solo projects & HSJ SINGS for his drama theme songs (unlike Yamapi who sings his own), I guess the group will still be fine. We'll only know in the next few years, but at this time I think JE is hell bent on making Hey Say Jump big, reason why Yamada gets the push.

HSJ is more of a dance focused group, they can't have their best dancers leaving (Ryutaro already left), or else they'll revert back to singing lively songs and be a NEWS copycat.
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