Arama They Didn't

Popular rock band will release their new album (an imitation) blood orange on Nov 28th
Now ,This album 's whole songs are out ! .You can check out it below !

Mr.Children : (an imitation) blood orange

01. hypnosis (5:58) 

03. End of the day (5:50) 

05. pieces (6:13) 

07. かぞえうた (Kazoe uta)(4:42) 

10. Happy Song (6:05) 

Source : Youtube 1 2 3 4 5 6

Can't wait for this album..This album is better than i expected !
Yep, Misuchiru 's each of albums are exactly original sound XD
Really like Kako to mirai wo koushin suru otoko and happy song <333
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