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Recently, NMB48 started to release official LODs (Lives On Demand).
Here is a performance by NMB48's Team N of Kitagawa Kenji from one of the recent LODs.

Source: tappeimaekita48

Also, NMB48 were present at the TKF Festival, the 20th Anniversary celebration for comedian Tamura Kenji from Yoshimoto. Here's a footage of NMB48 from the event that was recently aired on their variety show, Docking48. The video has members of NMB walking about, meeting guests (comedians, athletes and other artists such as misono, jealkb etc) at the festivals and asking them for free gifts. There is also a footage of NMB48 performing Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo and Kitagawa Kenji at the end.

Source: 4namba8


The theater perf of Kitaken is the best Kitaken perf up to date imo.
And one of my favourite idol perfs ever, Cause the girls just went mad and performed spontaneously.
Especially Sayanee. lol. Girl's too awesome. Imagine them performing like that in year-end shows.
And the Zetsumetsu and Kitaken live from the 2nd link, is it me or were some of their mics actually switched on??
Sounds different.
And someone (maybe Milky?) sounds really funny at the start of Kitagawa Kenji,
And that's all of my NMB spam. Sorry, flawlessness needs to be shared.
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