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koichiko 9th-Dec-2012 12:13 am (UTC)
I'm not sure if this is true.
Or if it's maybe just partly true.

Remember the kind of cars they drive, the kind of brand-stuff Sho and Jun wear?
You can't pay that kind of stuff on 24.000 a month IF you remember that they live in central Tokyo and the princes around there are hysterical.

I'm guessing either JE pays for a whole lot of other stuff for them (rent, cars etc.) and the 24.000 are just spending-money, or maybe they have a different account set up for them etc.

Because the way they talk about it here, this could totally backfire: Who has the motivation to work so hard for that little if you sell millions of albums, have sold-out tours and are always on TV?
I mean, in my opinion, if they don't see any way of earning more money, why on earth would the continue working even harder?
Not to mention, aren't they kind of getting snubbed? Isn't JE and Johnny the one who gets their money in the end? That seems hardly fair!

Also, during the HnA episode with Toda Erika (one of the first Share House), Jun told her how much he had in his savings account and she looked extremely shocked by the high number. Also, it has been rumored that especially Sho, but also the rest of Arashi earn insanely high amounts for CMs etc.

I'm guessing they are talking only about stuff that involved JE here (concerts, CDs etc.) and not about movies, doramas, etc.
But still, total snub. Me in their shoes, I would sue off JE pants for earning them millions of yen.
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