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Oh hay. Long time no see.

It's that time of year guys. Where we all nominate and vote for this year's best and worst of 2012. Since this will be it's third year, I'm pretty sure we all know how this works. But for those who are new, here's a basic run down:
  1. You nominate events for each category. Usually the categories are best actor, best singer, worst actor, etc.
  2. The nominations are added up and then you are able to vote for the top 5 finalists in each category
  3. During the voting stage, arama's members can nominate the community's infamous to win awards too.
  4. Votes are counted on the 30th and released on New Years Eve!
Since Jin's basically a flop, I changed the award's name to something even more dumb. So why so early? It's because I really don't have time to put this together last minute and I have a major time difference now to deal with. That's why, everyone, things are going to be running a bit earlier than the previous two years.

How it's gonna work this year
  1. Nominations: Friday, December 14th @ 12am JST, polls will open for nominations. These polls will close one week from that day, Friday, December 21st @ 12am JST. 
  2. Voting: Sunday, December 23rd @ 12am JST, polls will open for voting. These polls will close Thursday, December 27th, at 12am JST.
  3. Results: Sunday, December 30th at whatever time I get to it.

Usually, this starts around Christmas but I will not be in town for Xmas or New Years Eve/Day because of concerts so I'm doing everything early.

So who will win this year? Exile? Golden Bomber? Kyary? ARASHI AGAIN? Only you can decideeeee and shit.

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