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note to mods, i was gonna post this 12am my time but some unexpected work popped up so im posting it 12 hours earlier than scheduled :)
Time to nominate those you think deserve to be on the ballot for this year's classy awards.
  • You can nominate as much as you like. Just don't spam the thing.
  • Retired nominations can not be nominated. Do not try to nominate as that vote WILL NOT be counted.
  • Retired nominations are those who have won in that category consecutively for two years. (WHY ARE YOU STILL PUTTING DOWN KPOP IN THE THINGS THAT GO AWAY CATEGORY???)
  • New categories: Best Johnny's, Best Female Idol, Best Newcommer
  • When writing down scandals or news stories, please write more than the person's name. IE; Jin Akanishi's... idk Shotgun Marriage or w/e. 
  • And jesus christ people, don't just put down song titles. IDK who sang Memeshikute ok.

Actually, here's the format:
Song titles: ARTIST - SONG TITLE
Artists and Singers should be spelt correctly. Don't type K8, type Kanjani8. Don't type Jin, spell his whole name out. k thx.

Nominations close on Friday, December 21st @ 12am JST. 

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