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As previously reported, “Yokomichi Yonosuke” is based on a novel by award-winning author Yoshida Shuichi ("Parade",  "Akunin"). The movie is directed by Okita Shuichi ("Kitsutsuki to Ame") and stars actor Kora Kengo as the title character and actress Yoshitaka Yuriko as his girlfriend, Yosano Shoko.

The story is set during the 1980s, following the life of a good-natured college student named Yokomichi Yonosuke who has come to Tokyo from Nagasaki. Other cast members include Ikematsu Sosuke, Ito Ayumi and Ayano Gou.

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION has provided the movie's theme song entitled "Ima wo Ikite".

"Yokomichi Yonosuke" opens in Japanese theaters on February 23rd, 2013.

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I love the cast and this movie will definitely make me cry
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