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On December 18th, actor Mukai Osamu (30) responded to an interview and denied that he’s in a relationship with actress Kuninaka Ryoko (33).

Mukai, who was asked about the relationship rumor, stressed that Kuninaka is just one of his co-stars: “It’s a completely false story. It said that we dined at a teppanyaki restaurant, but there were other staff members.” Regarding the reason why he didn’t respond when the rumor broke out, he explained, “I didn’t think it was necessary to say something every time something was written about me.

Mukai and Kuninaka co-starred in the Fuji TV drama ‘Hungry!‘, which broadcast from January to March of this year. On the December 13th issue of ‘Josei Seven, it was reported that the two were seen eating lunch together at a restaurant in Shichirigahama, Kanagawa then shopping together at an IKEA store in Yokohama.

Source & Image: Daily Sports via Yahoo! Japan , TokyoHive

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