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5:46 am - 12/20/2012

Yamada's Mystery Virgin PV Preview

visionfactory1 20th-Dec-2012 12:15 am (UTC)
Everybody buy the single
s2anthy 20th-Dec-2012 01:09 am (UTC)
What exactly is 'mystery virgin'?
chizzyrei 20th-Dec-2012 01:42 am (UTC)
No one knows lol. Lyrics has a lot to do with "Mystery" though
smtmissin 20th-Dec-2012 03:19 am (UTC)
I think he means mysterious virgin.
Everytime I see the song title I just want to hide my face because I feel so embarrassed for him.
asweetsymphony 20th-Dec-2012 01:38 am (UTC)
Mystery virgin... lmao.
codedtwo 20th-Dec-2012 02:03 am (UTC)
His virginity is a mystery?
Okay whatever, looking forward to Asia no Yoru and Moonlight and everything else in the single. :3
reii_chan 20th-Dec-2012 02:09 am (UTC)
I really like the song
kathleeness 20th-Dec-2012 02:23 am (UTC)
this kid really grew well ♥
yaoilicious_53 20th-Dec-2012 02:49 am (UTC)
rim1789 20th-Dec-2012 03:01 am (UTC)
The song grow on me, I really love it and definitely getting the single. Not sure about the PV yet... OP do you know when is the release date, please ?

I really like the dancing also, and he is soooo cute.
hoshizora09 20th-Dec-2012 03:02 pm (UTC)
January 9th
rim1789 20th-Dec-2012 03:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you
chizzyrei 20th-Dec-2012 03:42 pm (UTC)
3 days before Kindaichi SP airs. Lol random fact
smtmissin 20th-Dec-2012 03:16 am (UTC)
The title keeps getting to me. "Mystery Virgin"???? Are u serious Yamada? If u are not good with english, don't try to use it so often. I have nothing against him (I love his other singles) but this one is just a no-no for me.
deyuna_decchan 20th-Dec-2012 04:43 am (UTC)
hey he isn't the one who made the song though. Don't blame him.
seelenlicht 20th-Dec-2012 07:06 am (UTC)
And please don`t forget that lots of the English japan guys are using is always...very strange.
But they kinda don't care about it, as long as it sounds cool.
So while lots of international fans have just the urge to hind behind a wall, I really doubt that the Japan guys even noticed how strange and ridiculous the title sounds...
chizzyrei 20th-Dec-2012 03:31 pm (UTC)
Japan wouldnt care abt the title. He doesnt even say the word Virgin in the entirety of the lyrics. Kids will still be dancing to this as they do with Super Delicate
gigabytexx 20th-Dec-2012 03:35 am (UTC)
Looks really nice and kinda like the song too~
liime_arix 20th-Dec-2012 04:06 am (UTC)
The song will never not be funny to me, but I like the PV.
deyuna_decchan 20th-Dec-2012 04:45 am (UTC)
i wonder why people keep asking the song title and look him weirdly. I mean, he wasnt the one who made the song, the lyrics and the title tho. I love the song and the PV by the way
gray_fairy 20th-Dec-2012 11:37 am (UTC)
Japangrish is always weird xD
sannahkhan 20th-Dec-2012 05:04 am (UTC)
Looks no different than a regular Hey Say Jump MV to me... :P
visionfactory1 20th-Dec-2012 08:19 am (UTC)
There are no backup dancers in this one
specialiruka 20th-Dec-2012 09:54 am (UTC)
no lies detected
kodochalover 26th-Dec-2012 09:24 am (UTC)
This is actually pretty different from the previous Hey!Say!JUMP pvs in my opinion xD
love323able 20th-Dec-2012 05:32 am (UTC)
don't like the song
the pv looks really good, and he knows how to move!
neitaro 20th-Dec-2012 06:00 am (UTC)
Love the song, love the dance moves, and I don't give a damn about the title (it's not as if he's the one who made the title like that). I will support this kid all through out!
yama_nya 20th-Dec-2012 11:06 am (UTC)
i love this <3
he is so cute and so cool at the same time~

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gray_fairy 20th-Dec-2012 11:34 am (UTC)
He looks so freaking handsome, and the dance is awesome. Hoping for the full PV ♥
kobachan 20th-Dec-2012 02:52 pm (UTC)
This is just as boring as any other Jump's PV but the singer's beauty make up for it perfectly. I could repeat this PU for hours and never get tired of his amazing... everything.
gray_fairy 20th-Dec-2012 03:21 pm (UTC)
Not all JUMP's PVs are boring. MNSB had an amazing PV imo. I wish they did something like that in the next singles.
chizzyrei 20th-Dec-2012 03:36 pm (UTC)
True that. If you have someone as beautiful as Yamada, who actually can flirt with the camera, you dont need anything else. The production crew knew exactly what to focus on.
kobachan 22nd-Dec-2012 04:55 am (UTC)
They know, but they have taken advantage of them way awfully much, to the point that I think it would never worth spending money unless I've already been a fan.
pucca_yamada 20th-Dec-2012 03:18 pm (UTC)
Indeed, the title of the song was impressed seem vulgar or unethical. But, let you read and understand the lyrics. You were not necessarily understand the meaning of the song because it is very mysterious and not like the song ^^

I'm proud of Yamada Ryosuke-kun ^^
fheb_totx 20th-Dec-2012 05:43 pm (UTC)
LOL. "Virgin" has a lot more meaning than what you guys are thinking.
delta150 24th-Dec-2012 05:54 am (UTC)
I thought it was Koichi for a split second in the middle. That's cool, since he always mentioned Koichi when he was younger.
yamaapero 26th-Dec-2012 09:23 am (UTC)
flawless human being this guy...
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