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Calmando Qual new maxi single [Yami o Tsuranuku Gekijou no Kagayaki] on sale January 30, 2013

"Your world is an endless universe; nobody can stop you"
The latest Calmando Qual single, created based on their new visual concept. Its tracks carry a message that appeals to the trembling emotions in the space between negative and positive, and a hard sound that will make your heart race! Sharpen your five senses and bring the sixth to life...!

Vocal: Hibiki, Guitar: Tak, Bass: Kenka, Drums: Maya

Price: 1,890yen (tax in)

CD Playlist:
01. Yami o Tsuranuku Gekijou no Kagayaki
02. CRUSH!
03. Monochrome
04. deep sea

DVD Playlist:
01. Yami o Tsuranuku Gekijou no Kagayaki (PV)


Where to buy?!
Darkest Labyrinth shop + photoset bonus
Closet Child + Studio Live DVD bonus
jishubanclub + Studio Live DVD bonus
Pure sound Amerikamura & Nishi-shinjuku-ten Shop + Studio Live DVD bonus
+ many more stores

But pre-order in time! Do it before January 3 if you want to be sure that you will get your copy in time. But of course official shop(Darkest Labyrinth) will have them in stock always.

Little Bonus!
Well, since Kiwamu didn't make a promo video So I did, of course with a GO of Calmando Qual of course!

Contains, PV shot, and 36sec previews of the other songs.

You also can read my review of the single: At Facebook

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