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fumika has revealed the covers to her 1st studio album "POP SISTER". fumika made her debut in June of 2011, releasing 5 singles since then and slowly gaining a fan base through her high quality music. The new album marks her first full length album of her career. The upcoming album will contain 14 tracks, 5 of which are her previously released singles. The album will come in a CD Only and CD+DVD version.

"POP SISTER" will be released on February 6th. Check out the track list and covers for the album below:

1. snowflakes
2. Taisetsu na Hikari
3. Baby Blossom
4. Tonari ni Itakatta feat. WISE
5. Sono Koe Kienaiyo feat. Sunya
6. Tabidachi no Beru feat. Momoyo Fukuda
7. 7 days
8. Aoi Tori
9. Toki wo Koete
10. Round and Round
11. Umikaze no Brave
12. Haru na noni
13. Change the world
14. Tengoku no Doa

CD Only


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