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On December 24, rock band THE ALFEE performed at the Nihon Budoukan in Kitanomaru, Tokyo.

In an yearly tradition for the group, the band held their annual Christmas performance. Guitarist Sakazaki Konosuke (58) greeted fans with, “We have come for the annual performance.  This is our 81st time [performing at the Nihon Budokan.]  I do not know when it will be our 100th time, but like usual, we have come in high spirits!

When they performed their newest song, “Final Wars!,” which is currently being used as the theme song of TV Tokyo’s “Ultraman Retsuden” (Wednesday at 5 PM), the Ultraman Zero family joined the group on stage.  It was a fun Christmas Eve
atmosphere as they performed 23 songs for 9000 excited audience members.

Source and Image: Sanspo , TokyoHive

Long Live THE ALFEE~ \(≧∇≦)/

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