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Johnny's Medley on Kayoukyoku a.k.a. Johnny's Countdown happened early, and SMAP's joining in

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December 26 2012, 11:11:39 UTC 1 year ago

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I loved it! I was flailin throughout the medley like AKB 48 & the golden Bombers.
Most epic: 40, married & sexy Takuya & 27, single & sexy Yamapi's Sheishun Amigo collab, Kinki Kid's Grassu Shounen will never get old, Takuya's intro of Keito and Keito's guitar solo, my BB is soooo fine, Kitayama & Taipi & Chinen's awesome flips! I want Keito & his Dad to do a collab live on this year's Johnny's Countdown!Thanks for sharing!


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