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Former Morning Musume member Iida Kaori (31) has announced through her official blog that she is pregnant with her 2nd baby.

Iida reported, “I’ve entered my stable period and I’m due next
spring! Day after day, I wasn’t feeling very well… but now, I’m very
healthy and recently, I feel small movements in my stomach. I love our
child and I’m looking forward to its everyday growth.
” She continued, “It will become lively from now on, but please continue to support me.

Iida married rock band 7HOUSE vocalist Kenji back
in July of 2007. They were blessed with their first son in January of
2008, but he passed away after 6 months due to chronic renal failure.
Since then, Iida had refrained from her activities, but made a comeback
with a concert in January of 2009. She also became a member of Dream Morning Musume in 2011.


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