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It was revealed that Golden Bomber’s Kiryuin Sho will serve the original song, ”Kirigirisu Jin”, for No Sleeves (a derived unit form AKB48) as the title song of upcoming single will be release on January 16th! Of course, Akimoto Yasushi writes the lyrics.

Kirigirisu Jin means Grasshopper Human. Likened to the famous fairy tale ‘The Ants and the Grasshopper’, the song was produced into the happy party tune that say “Let’s enjoy without thinking too much”!

Furthermore, every 3 types of the limited edition will be included of each members’ solo song.

Kojima Haruna’s solo song ”MY SHINING STARS” is provided by the world famous DJ, Ishino Takkyu. Takahashi Minami’s solo song ”Futo Omou Koto” is provided by the most famous J-pop composer, Komuro Tetsuya. Minegishi Minami’s solo song ”Kimi ni Koi wo shita” is provided by the female singer, Kawamoto Makoto.

All songs are produced by great musicians, so the release of new single should become a big topic!

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