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It was announced that singer song-writer, Ieiri Leo has been received the “Best New Artist” award at the annual music award show “The 54th Kagayaku! Japan Record Awards” held on December 30th.

It’s the first time in 6 years for a female solo artist to receive the award since last time it was given to Ayaka back in 2006. Ieiri almost cried many times, but held it while performing “Shine.” She expressed her joy with “I can’t believe I could receive this wonderful award…”

Ieiri moved to Tokyo from Fukuoka by herself when she was 16, and made her debut back in February this year. She revealed that she received an e-mail from her father who had taken objection for her to enter in the showbiz industry. “Since it was almost like he disowned me when I came to Tokyo, I was very happy to receive the email that says ‘Do your best’.” Ieiri said with teary eyes.

In the end, she stated, “In order to be true to this honorable award, I will continue making my music sincerely.”


hope 2013 is even better<3

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