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It has been a center of attention among netizens that idols, Yamashita Tomohisa and Oshima Yuko are dating after being spotted together in New York. On twitter, pictures of Yamapi arriving at Narita Airport last Jan 5th has become a hot topic. A certain netizen tweeted that Yamapi was looking “sporty” and was even wearing a sweatshirt with a logo of Meiji University.



Aside from those pictures (as posted above), a certain netizen also claimed to have seen Yamapi and Oshima in New York and have gone shopping in Hermes (as posted below).

The said picture is too blurry for anyone to decipher, but rumor has it that Yamapi and Yuko have long been meeting and dating in secret. Certain eyewitness tweeted that they saw Yuko with Yamapi, even describing her as “thin Asian and stylish woman”.

Nevertheless, an entertainment reporter cited that the lack of “clear photograph” is synonymous to this news’ low credibility.

Source Dailywom, twitter 1, twitter 2 via jenewsdaily

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