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3:00 pm - 01/09/2013

Guess who (boobs + child edition)

Guess who just released the shocking cover to their debut photobook?

It's Tomomi Kasai!

Her first solo photobook "Shashinshu" will be released this month.


wow takes me back to when I was a child!
rabu_parade 9th-Jan-2013 08:16 pm (UTC)
asweetsymphony 9th-Jan-2013 08:25 pm (UTC)
Miss Jackson did it better.
rabu_parade 9th-Jan-2013 08:28 pm (UTC)

asweetsymphony 9th-Jan-2013 08:31 pm (UTC)
-bows- That's sex appeal right there.
the83rd 10th-Jan-2013 12:30 am (UTC)
made me question my sexual pref when i even didnt know there was such a thing as sexual preference, back then when it was first released.....
captxfizz 10th-Jan-2013 05:53 pm (UTC)
She did it better because it's not a 5 year old kid fondling her goods lol
jeugd1 11th-Jan-2013 01:33 am (UTC)
fun fact that was her husband's hands, they were secretly married for 9 YEARS!!! ppl found out after the divorce
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