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Translated by Fairies tumblr:

"This time, in order to concentrate on school, we would like to report that Kiyomura Kawane will refrain from immediate activities as a member of Fairies.
Stopping the activity as of today, the 17th, please note that (Kawane’s) blog and twitter will be closed/deleted.

We are very grateful to all the fans who surely cheers (for her/them).
I (Kawane) will warmly watch over Fairies’ activities in the future.

That’s all.
Thank you so much by all means."

Many fans have seen this coming because:
"This rumor has been all over Twitter recently so I have decided to post this.

Several girls from the school Fairies goes to seems to be saying that Kawane quit the school to go back to Kumamoto. Since rumors started from different places at the same time, it seems that unfortunately, this is highly likely to be true.

Also, Kawane has not been tweeting for several days. A lot of fans have been contacting each Fairies members about this, and there has been no reaction from any of them. If this was not true, then one of the members should have already said it isn't true. However seeing that no one is making any statements, this rumor may be, I’m afraid, true.

Rumors are that Kawane wants to concentrate on her studies. If that is the case, then that is a good reason and I don’t think we should stop her. If this rumor is true, then Kawane may have been discussing this issue with her family when she went back to Kumamoto during the holidays.

I just hope this is not true. Kawane is a great member of Fairies, and her loss would be big."

It was a rumor, and now it's confirmed.

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In case you're wondering whether it's just a short break or not, read this.

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