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[Oricon] 2012 Yearly Music industry report

On Jan 18th ,Oricon has recently revealed its annual 『Yearly Music industry Report 』for 2012 which covers the sales for singles, albums, music DVDs, and music Blu-ray discs during Jan 2nd 2012 to Dec 30th 2012.

In 2012 ,the total revenues for entire Japanese music industry was over 327 billion Yen (approximately 3.63 billion USD) (Singles : ¥63billion , Albums :¥ 184 billion ,DVD ¥64billion and BD : ¥13 billion ), contributing to 104.1% increase in total sales compared to the previous year .It 's been the first time for 6years that total revenue increased when compared to the previous year . Moreover , The total sales (counted by unit) were 120 million copies ,up 101.4% from the previous year .It's also the first time since 2004 that total sales increased .This slightly shows the signal of the music market recovery trend

「Yearly Music software market」
the number from the left to the right
Total sales by units (thousand copies) /Market shares /In last brackets (%)- compared to same period last year
Total Revenues (million yen) /Market Share /(%)- compared to same period last year


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Source : Oricon 1 2  3

Surprised that AKB claimed the 1st place for DVD category .How many AKB released DVD & BD stuffs for last year ??
Toy's factory is actually rich because of Misuchiru ,lol
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Kis-my ft.2 jumped from 26th last year to 6th this year

Happy for this!!!


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