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joyeuxnoel 20th-Jan-2013 12:29 am (UTC)
I don't care about the Julie vs Iijima thing but if that's really the case then those two should get their act together.

I don't really mind having VTRs for the groups that were at Kohaku but I really if TOKIO was pulling double duty before, there's really no reason to stop now.

My big problem with the VTRs is that they kill the flow. You have medleys and mashups and then suddenly an almost complete song from the original group. It kind of kills the Countdown vibe. (I realize V6 did it with RYS but I'd rather things like that be the exception, not the norm.)

Either way though, I think Countdown's gonna get increasingly busy and disjointed just because the new groups just keep coming and it's not like there's there's a lot of JE retirements. There's just not really enough time to fit everyone in. :3 (Part of me feels that splitting the groups up between the two shows might not be a bad thing in the long term...)
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