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Last Jan 18th, honentai’s Higashiyama Noriyuki nd AT-TUN’s Junnosuke Taguchi ad their opening night for the stage play, “NO WORDS, NO TIME ~Sora ni ochita namida~” at Globe Theater in Tokyo. A press conference followed afterwards.

The stage play is unique since it was done without dialogue but by merely focusing on dance movements, music, and drama. The audience was drawn to contemporary dances on a stage set in scenes like house, station, and company. Higashiyama and Junnosuke fused the elements of ballet and pantomime together with sound and lighting effects on a stage devoid on decorations. (as covered by Ryo Hasegawa)

“It was always been a dream to do it with Higashiyama-san,” Junno commented. “He has generosity and courage and those are necessary to become a leader of KAT-TUN,” Higashiyama commented and added, “he does his best to such an extent that he won’t lose.” Junno smiled shyly after Higashiyama’s praised and added that he’ll probably “messed-around” if he is the leader.

Aside from admiring each of their qualities, Higashiyama also admitted in being in love with Junno’s gag especially Junno’s most popular gag- “Iriguchi (entrance), Deguchi (exit), Taguchi (his name)”. In addition, the two made a gag called “Pyu-pon”, but Higashiyama refused to show it to the press saying that gag was “sealed”. On the other hand, Junno decided to do joked around while praising his senpai, “It was always been my dream so I was so nervous last night that I could not sleep a wink …uso, uso kawauso.” Higashiyama was laughing one after another gag. 

“NO WORDS, NO TIME ~Sora ni ochita namida~” will run until Feb 5th at Globe Theater in Tokyo and from Feb 8th to 12th at Morinimiya Piloti Hall in Osaka.

source Cinema Today and Hochi Yomiuri
credits: MIKU via Jnewseng
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